We're gonna name yo' baby!

Zach's sister (HI MANDI!) is about to pop out a baby. We here at The Freakerteam have taken it upon ourselves to name it. And yes, Mandi, we will name your baby. We've been brainstorming all day as to what that little thing will be called and we thought that we would share with you some of the highlights of our collective baby-namin' skillz: 

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. Alisha suggested anything named after any famous Black Panther (Including but not limited to: Malcom, Stokley, Assata, Hewey, ect...)


4. Odin (The norse god of all the other norse gods! This would be the most badass Norse god baby of all time!)

5. The RZA 

The moral of the story being... you should probably mate with us.