A Grand Return & Bodily Experiments!

Oliver came back to Wilmington today!! 

We knew when we smelled a Sneaky Hat (not to be confused with The Sneaky Hat) lurking around the corner. 

He brought us goodies!! His MamaBear sowed us a life sized Freaker! Fun for hours!

Oliver! We're so happy to have you back! How could we have ever survived without you?! 

And while we were rejoicing at his return, Oliver dropped some pretty heavy news on us. As it turns out, he had never actually left. His adventure storytimes of Washington, San Francisco & New York were all imaginative fabrications! His truthful whereabouts are as follows: Oliver had been hiding in our filing cabinets for the past month, eating our scraps and spying on our office antics. 

What a filthy varmit! But he's our filthy varmit. And we love him.