Adventures at the Edge!

Yesterday, our favorite sparkle kittens at Edge of Urge needed a Freaker re-order. Seeing that they are approximately 4 minutes away from The Freakeroffice, we delivered them with strength and vigor (like DragonSlayers of stealth!) 

We were on a mission. And we were going to claim victory over this mission. But then! But then we were suddenly blinded by a glitter-storm of jubilance! 

Oh no! So much love! THE DRAGONSLAYER-OF-STEALTH'S WORST ENEMY! We found ourselves holding hands and skipping in the fields of fabulous clothing! 

The vicious guardian Blue kept a watchful eye on us.  His job is to ensure that nobody leaves the joy-shop without a smile on their face. We would have to craftily get past Blue if we were to complete our Dropping-Off-Freakers-Mission in a timely manner without spending all of our dollars. 

What is this?! Is that a symbol of de freak!? OH! JOY! 

But even though the Freaker Relic was set in place to remind us of our epic mission, lady-bows and giggles distracted us yet again! Edge of Urge is well trained on how to perplex DragonSlayers-Of-Stealth with their tender love and care! But we fought with agility to keep stern face and strict postures. Until....

BAM! IT DANCES! The creatures of the joy-shop DANCE! We almost exploded from bliss-overload...

But then one of their own beat us to it! Yes, there was an overload of bliss-overload explosions. What is this?! Is he covered in Freakers?! Does this mean.... could it mean..... I think it means..... 


Look at that! Edge of Urge is the only store in the freakworld to have these discontinued styles! Collector's items galore!

The DragonSlayers-of-Stealth rejoiced because their fearless mission had been accomplished of delivering Freakers! Edge of Urge rejoiced because they were knighted FreakKnights of the land! 

And Blue rejoiced because everybody left with smiles firmly planted on their shining faces! 

The end!