Tradeshow VIP

I know what you're thinking. You're using all of your mental faculties to picture what the back-ends of a tradeshow would look like. 

Dearest of dears, don't you fear. We are here to help you. 

The Freakerteam is in Atlanta for a tradeshow RIGHT NOW! Let us give you a tour. 


So here what professionals call a "loading dock of wisdom." It is located underground. It is like the engine of the Titanic. Let's all wish it the best in it's efforts not to kill everyone and then drown. Onwards!

This is also underground in the "loading dock of wisdom." We were able to carefully unload our boxtruck and at this point in time, our booth is a wild mixture of metal cutouts and lonely bottles. Soon, this hubbub will be a shining light of hope and subsequently, it will help us in our journey to freak the world! You just hold on to your britches!

Keep on keepin on up all the escalators of the fancy building you are inevitably in and find a very patriotic man in a silly hat nailing big wooden signs to big wooden walls. You're very close to "da freak"

A very important step in the back-ends of a tradeshow.... No, really, listen up, this is important. It is imperative. Absolutely necessary ... to make a big mess. Ok, next. 

There will be a loaf of people discussing things and wearing serious-faces. It is not a good idea to disturb them (but you CAN feed them! That is a very good starting point in this zoo!) 

There may be a wily redhead working in extremely-bad-luck areas ....It's ok if you disturb her.  

There should be a gaggle of phone calls. You will hear words like "businessy smusinessy" and "capital freakdom." Don't be afraid. They are usually harmless. 

And past all of the construction and hoopla, there is a wall de freak! You are nearing the temporary headquarters of Freak-The-World Bureau. You are with family now!  


Happy Friday, Freaks!!