Zach Actually Got a Haircut.

The other day when we revealed the big-secret shocker-moment season-finale that Zach got a Haircut, you may have thought we were joking. (We were joking, because Zach is not actually Daniel Faraday, but alas, we were not joking about the seriousness of scissors.) 

Ladies and Gents, after two years of no trims, this happened:

The result is a dapper young fellow with an air of professionalism. 

But do not fear, dear! Some of you may call him derogatory terms such as "Square," but please understand that his flowing mane of lust has found a comfortable home in the hotel's trash can.  It is happy there.

If you love something, let it free. Free to roam the sewers of Atlanta. 

Zach still is as freaky as ever and a nice, clean haircut does not change the composition of his wild soul!

Also, he also got a tan. 

Hope you like the new look. Everything we do, we do it for you.