SOPA Freakout Blackout

Friends and Freaks,

We usually try not to delve too far into the realm of political culture, but today is a special day. If you are not up-to-date on the SOPA and PIPA controversy, we hope that we can play a small role in helping raise awareness on the issue of net neutrality and censorship laws. 

SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA, Protect IP Act, are heinous bills that are currently being debated in our Congress. With the stated goal of curbing illegal online piracy, these propositions are irresponsibly written and the consequences of their approval would be a punch in the face to not only the free speech of American citizens, but to the free world as we know it. 

From Google: 

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From Wikipedia, who as many of you already know, has blacked out today:

If these bills are passed, websites like ours will most likely be shut down due to puffballs of semantics. This issue, however, is bigger than you or I. Not only will small businesses be halted in their development, free speech in general will be tainted. Whether you are liberal, conservative, or apathetic, this issue is universal in it's consequences to basic civil liberties. Please help. Stay informed. Get active. Protest SOPA. 

Contact your representatives. Stay freaky. Stay free.  

Eternal hugs, 

The Freakerteam.