Mailing Lists of FreakDoom

We would like to make a public announcement and also a "most-wanted" list.

Somebody out there (maybe it's you?! is it?! is it you?!) has been submitting the email address to internet depths such as the mailing list. No, we are not mad. We are actually quite impressed. But not everyone is so smirky and we are here to warn you: someday you could get punched in the glasses. Some people really hate cereal. 

Ok, enough with the somber stern face! Let's revel in how absurd our collective inbox has been recently!  

Look at how sincere she looks! Is this woman and her fabulous-hoop-earrings the personal tarot reader or is she the satisfied customer?! We haven't been able to fully rest because of this unsolvable mystery! If anybody has further information on "Trust-Your-Tarot-Reading" we would be forever obliged to you! 

This is our personal favorite! Every week, it's the perfect time of year! We can't even bring ourselves to unsubscribe. A tainted but sincere "thank you" to whoever you are that's been signing us up for this in that cold dark world out there! 

And I would also like to reiterate that by signing up oliver, you have signed up the entire Freakerteam. We are forever indebted to you!! 

Stay classy, Planet Earf!!!