Winter Wonderland in Secret Barns & Freaker Baths

Winter finally showed its shining face for a brief second a couple days ago. While most of the Freakerteam was revelling in 65 & Sunny, a couple of us got a winterwonderland magic day. 

While driving up to New York for the International Gift Show, the ladies de' freak were caught in a storm of delirium & snow. They decided to stay the night with a familiar face and a fellow freak named Colin Crane

Tucked away in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, Sir Crane so eloquently said "Why of course I have a couch for you to crash on!" When he said "couch," he actually meant Barn-Converted-Into-Mansion-Utopia.

What could ever be more magical?! Maybe a bonfire sing-a-long in a  snow-covered tee-pee. Don't worry. It's been taken care of. 

So we rejoiced in the only way that seemed appropriate. MAKE IT RAINNNNNNNNN!!!! MAKE IT RAIINNNNN FREAKERS!!!! 

And then snow-angel dance-parties in the secret-barn-kingdom COMMENCED! 

Thank you again, Sir Colin! You have been knighted an official Freaker fo' lyfe! Color the world!!