We are North American Madness! Winter Tradeshows Now Now Now!!

Oof! Tradeshow Fever!! The Freakerteam is still at the New York International Gift Fair and we're having dance parties all day everyday. Come see us and get freaked at booth #1654! In other tradeshow news...

For all of you exotics out there, we have a special tropical paradise surprise for you! ...CANADA!! Freakers now have a Canadian Distributor that is cooler than the coolest and is helping us freak the other half of this North American dreamland! If you find yourself in Toronto this week for the tradeshow, go visit the Maple Freaks at booth #8084 & #11557. They will be sure to slap a smile on your face in the most non-violent fun-loving Canadian way there is! Go say HELLO (or whatever is Canadian for "hi") ...Because they are awesome. This is how awesome they are. It is very awesome: 

Holy freak. We just exploded. It got messy. But it was, also, awesome. 

Disclaimer: It was not as awesome as these Canadian dreamboats though. Nothing can ever top their awesome.