Freakers on Fab! 50% Off Hyper-Extravaganza!!!

Holy smoly!! First-generation Freakers never to be run again!

Lusting over that peace sign Freaker your aunt keeps taunting you with? Did your favorite hooter get snagged by your roommate with the owl-fetish? We're getting rid of our discontinued styles for ooooober-cheap (50% off!) and this is a last-chance to get what pog-lovers call "collector's items." (Slammerz 4eva!!) 

For the next 2 days, Freakers are on for a flash sale ($4!!) - It's a frenzy!  

Dang! Fabulosity! We lurrrve you!!

These are just a few of the bucketfulls of old styles we got goin on today! HURRAH!!

Within 2 hours of being on Fab, we sold out of two style-packages! So get em' while the goin' is good (or whatever that expression is about good goin get em. You know what I'm talking about.)