Valentines Special-T(SA)

Today we found a statement that we full heartedly can stand behind! Are you ready? OK GO!: 

“Remember back in grade school?  You make those little Valentine folders and you would decorate it and make hearts out of construction paper and then you’d tape it to your desk and then, on Valentine’s day, you would all pass out Valentine’s to everyone and some would have candy and some wouldn’t and some would have super-heroes and they were colorful and you looked through all of them and then that was it and Valentine’s day was fun and happy?

Why did we stop doing that?”

-Jarvis Slacks

So we took this fine chap's advice and had a playdate with our very special Valentines: The TSA. 


We adorned our Valentines, the TSA, with all types of delicious goodies including (but not limited to):

Dirty socks! 
Expired Keys! 
More dirty socks! 

They were undoubtedly pleased.