Get Down With Your Fancy Self - This Sunday!!!

If your name is [insert-your-name-here], you have probably been experiencing FancyPants-Withdrawals since your last Christmas party.

Well we have an action adventure & a tasty treat for YOU! This Sunday, the annual Cucalorus "An Evening at the Oscars" gala is the fanciest February freakdom in the land! Tickets are still being sold and proceeds go to the Wilmingtonian cultural gem - The Cucalorus Film Festival! 

The Freakerteam will be romping around on the red carpet, "making it rain" knit beverage-bling and our very dear Oliver will be the official MC for the evening! 

free booze + fancy debutantes = a hot mess to remember

Let's all play dress-up and paint this carpet red! You're in? Thought so. See you Sunday, Freaks!