As you know, last night, things got super freaky at the annual Cucalorus Oscar fundraiser. Everyone looked extra fancy when the red carpet rolled around. Black ties were recommended, but Zach opted to take his outfit back to the roots of Oscardom.


He barely had time to fasten his belt buckle before he was shaking hands with the Mayor of Wilmington. Once again, he humbly declined the key to the city.


Justin was really in the spirit of things, sashaying around, rubbing as many of Wilmington’s elite elbows that didn’t threaten him with pepper spray. Unfortunately, as you can see in this picture, he rubbed at least one elbow too many.

Drinks were had, fun was mandatory, projectors were knocked over, and the red carpet got to see just how freaky we can be, all in the name of film!

Happy Monday!!!


The Freakerteam

Zach's butt photo credit: Jess James Style Girl