Oliver's Berfday; Parental Discretion Advised.

Once upon a time, Oliver Mellan was born. (Born from a woman, just to clarify) Last week, we celebrated this historical event with valor & also a little bit of velour. Here is the documentation that this shindig actually happened, because it would have been debatable without them:


Beauty & The Feast


The other magical wonderland. (Please note: No Unicorns were harmed in the making of this hot mess. Freaker USA does not condone unicorn violence in any form.)


Official mandate of 10:45 pm: Take your shirts off or kindly escort yourself out.  Also, we fully understand that there have been limited non-interactions with Sexy Sax Man in the past week, and therefore we present to you.... that guy....as a viable substitute.


If we have gained any wisdom from the results of Oliver's birthday extravaganza, it is this: Everyday should be a costume party. So thank you, Oliver Mellan, for being born and spreading your wig-loving/shirt-hating light across the world!