Re-purposing Urban Outfitter's Chinese Made Knockoffs! For nature!

Some of you may remember the "incident" with Urban Outfitters.

Some of those some of you may remember that we ordered one of their "wine coozies' for the funsies.

Some of the some of those some of you may remember that it was such a blasphemous version of our Freaker babies that we decided legal action was unnecessary, but doggie play-toys were vital. 

Today, our dear Justin wanted to clean his chalkboard wall (how presumptuous of him!) Seeing that the office lacks any disposables (somebody, please, bring us paper towels), Justin re-purposed the Urban Outfitters Non-Freaker because..... he's a staunch environmentalist.... of course.

Don't mind Justin's "non-sex points' rewards system. Even though Wes brought us lunch earlier this week, he does not qualify for Justin's sought after "gift-basket." (Show more mid-drift next time, buddy)

So the moral of the story is that a 'single sock that was poorly made in China and resold at a national chain for $10' is a decent absorbant for unwanted chalk that may be on the walls of your office.