Austin! Leighelena Is Your New Freak Headquarters!

Once upon a time in a land exactly 1,364 miles away, we deemed Austin an official City de Freak. We laughed, we cried, we wallowed in the weird and then we were tragically forced to keep on keepin on. 

But before we left the glory city, we discovered a haven of rusted brilliance in Leighelena on South Congress. What was soon to become our favorite Austin boutique, we originally were lured into the store by a pretty girl in a big hat (obviously.) But wait! What is this? Is that a wall of vintage cowboy boots?! Are those handmade leather goods?! Is that free beer that they're plowing Lauren with right now?! This place is both dangerous and divine. 

And guess what? This wonderland now carries Freakers! 

For those of you that get the honor and the pleasure of calling Austin home, you now have the most magical Freak headquarters. And for all of you travelling souls that will be in Texas for SXSW this month, stop in Leighelena to bask in all of it's glory! And be sure to give everyone bearhugs from us here at The Freakerteam!