Final destination XLII

Every now and then we enjoy taking field-trips to Google Analytics. This time around we found some arguably disturbing Google Searches that bring people to

Everybody, at one point in time have asked themselves what a "rainbow narwhal" and a "tit fairy" have in common. Rest well now, young grasshopper. We have the answers.

These search terms have all brought multiple people-in-need to the freak kingdom:

I particularly feel bad for the three people who needed emergency medical advice in the "roadside surgery" category and the four in mourning wanting to know whether their rage was normal in stages of grief , but hopefully they all found what they were looking for (spiritually) in our bottle insulating glory.

These poor souls were feeling particularly raunchy and the name "freaker usa" seemed like a good match.  Unsurprisingly, they only made this mistake once:

Also in the "onesie" catagory, here are some other lone-rangers in the freakworld. It seems that they searched these terms once and subsequently told all of their friends that even though it sounds intriguing, "Freaker USA" is not what they're looking for:

And for our personal favorite, we present to this FACT: Somebody in this world has googled this....and ended up where you are right now: