Zoo Animals

This morning we woke up to the published article on Zach in The Music Initiative! While giving the interview, it never registered that "The Music Initiative" may be a music magazine, and our dear Zach was a little confused as to why his interlocutor was so focused on bands. That should explain why he thought this was an appropriate answer: 

What was seemingly was a silly response to has turned into a full-fledged bro-fight here at Freaker headquarters.  Little known fact about Justin Mitchener: He loves Zooey Deschanel. He is very protective about his love for Zooey Deschanel.  She is a beautiful flower and should not be tampered with. 

Justin interpreted Zach's interview response as a very real threat; the skinny blond rascal is trying to steal his girl. He reacted the only way he could: by proving he loves Zooey more than Zach loves Zooey.....

...With a tramp stamp of passion. 

Please note that even though it said "Zoo" & then "Zool" for a while, the spelling of Zooey was finally confirmed and Justin's love for Ms. Deschanel triumphed over Zach's. 

Congratulations, JMitchener. You win this round of the FreakerDogFightOverDistantCelebrities! 

A special thanks to The Music Initiative, without whom we would have never gotten the honor of witnessing such a brutal tournament of masculine vigilance.