Airport Security

Last time we "experienced" an airport, a TSA agent sternly ordered Zach to "Shut your mouth, boy" after he was found hysterically giggling in the not-at-all-intrusive body scanners.  

Yesterday, we had a dear & freaky friend fly into Wilmington and because it was his first time in our precious town, we decided to greet him in a non-molesting way. Well. Kind of. 

We debated on whether or not photos of "Jaybird" beanie babies would trigger disturbing childhood memories. Eventually it was agreed upon that even if beanie babies held horrific connotations, Angry Birds cutouts would balance the emotional budget. 

Lauren decided that this was the most threatening "TSA stance." After receiving an abundance of questioning looks, we knew Jay was the guy for us when he did a little shimmy down the airport's sheep gate.  WE FOUND HIM! WE FOUND JAY!

The TSA may have full-body scanners, but we have full-body bearhugs. BAM!