Lofty Birthday Wishes

A couple weeks ago, our very own Oliver had a birthday extravaganza. We realized just how strangely the evening had devolved when we came-to in a laundromat at 1:30 am dancing in costumes that included but were not limited to: a unicorn, Sexy Sax Man, and the cast of a Lifetime movie about British runaways from 1983. 

Welppp. This past Friday was Lauren's birthday.

...The worst part about birthdays is that you give full control of your day to somebody who is probably going to be reckless. Lauren is the perfect candidate to this theory, but she surprised us all with a new game: acting like civilized a-dults. Hokay. We'll give it a try. 


For Zach's birthday, he was blindfolded and kidnapped to Hooters. It went so smashingly, we considered replaying the scenario (mostly just the Hooters part) with Lauren but she insisted that she wanted nothing to do with food and that 3pm was "rumble time" whatever that may mean. 

She wanted the trashiest dive bar in Carolina Beach to be her celebratory "spiritual bar connection." So we played Taboo and made a fun game of making Justin roll around in the tobacco-stained sand when he messed up. 

Alisha said something about accounting, so we symbolically fired her. Obviously, a grand time was had by all.

Where to next? WWACAD? (What would a civilized adult do?)

A drive to her parent's house in the peaceful countryside to munch on a peaceful dinner. With forks. Or whatever. 

Things were going well until sommmmebody (blame Alisha.) decided to have a not-dry adventure in the marsh. Search & Rescue to commence! 

And that's when we realized - after x number of years living in Wilmington, we are finally living in an episode of Dawson's Creek

After the WB epiphany, things went downhill. 

Our general conclusion was not that we failed at our goal of being "real adults," but rather that more adults should Superman each other and thus we excelled in imitating their responsible antics! 

So happy birthday, Lauren. You are a toot. 

And a gold star goes to everyone involved ... no unicorns were harmed in the making of this weekend.