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Springtime Cross-Pollination!

It's that time of year where things like pollen & love are floating around like pesky little 'squitos. What better way to celebrate than to cross-pollinate your favorite things?! This works out extra great if "your" name is Freaker USA and your "favorite things" is Edge of Urge

Those pretty babies lured in our very own Oliver with free cookies and captured some snapshots in between his nibblings! UHMAZING! 

Here you can see Oliver Mellan gazing longingly in the distance, tugging at his very fashionable shirt while emotionally struggling in the writhes of passion.

Passion for free cookies. 

Oliver was so ecstatic (almost as excited as we are) about the fabulosity of these fabulous shoes that his body unexpectedly started gyrating and his hair suddenly had an identity crisis, mistaking itself for one of those lightning-dome-plasma-balls that you can conveniently find at Spencer's Gifts. It was a grand moment for all!

Oliver thrashed his head backwards when thought he heard his name being carelessly whispered. But alas, it was only the word "Olive," and he retreated back into his special corner for dancing in his fabulous shoes. 

The conclusion of his pollination-session (AHAHAHA! THAT SOUNDS SO DIRTY!) was very ...focused. 

On a slightly related note, during our time Google-Imaging "lightning dome plasma ball" we found something that you may like. We went ahead & took the liberty to name all five of them Matthew:

Happy Wednesday! 

March 21, 2012 by Freaker USA

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