Hollywood Debut!!

Last night we got the first phone call of our new film careers! We called our chauffeurs and had them drive us around in bedazzled limousines  and popped at least 69 bottles of sparkling grape juice. We sashayed onto the set and flawlessly nailed every scene in such a spectacular show of confidence and raw talent that every director in the Northern Hemisphere has been clawing at our phone lines in sweet sweet desperation for the now-famed Freakerteam. 

One small detail: When we say the "Freakerteam," we actually mean "The Boxtruck."

Here you can see the new Star of the Silver Screen in it's specialty move that plummeled the diesel engine to fame: Standing Still ("Parking" if you want to get technical with film lingo. Snob.)

We'll give you the official press release when the time comes closer, but just know that the Lifetime Channel will never be the same.