Trapped In The Freaker

Fridays are always a special treat for a colorful variety of reasons. Today we decided to celebrate the end of this glory week with an old friend.  He's been with us through the good and the better days, the wild and the weird moments and ....Aaliyah. In dark times, he told us stories of betrayal, grief, and the grim reality of being trapped in closets. 

R. Kelly, we want to extend our most sincere "thank you" for always being there for us and that is why we have dubbed March 20, 2012 as "R-KELLY-ON-REPEAT-ALL-DAY-AT-THE-OFFICE Holiday." 

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And while we were jammin to "didn't I just give you money to get your hair toes and nails done," one of our facebook friends was getting trapped in a whirlwind of RKelly emotions and then this happened: