Kickstarter Conception Celebrations!

This report is a little late, but it's taken us a couple extra days to mentally process what went down last Saturday. April 7th, 2012 was the one year anniversary of launching our Kickstarter campaign that propelled us into space. 

For those of you who have only recently been inducted into the Familia de' Freak, let us rewind for a hot second: Kickstarter is an online platform that provides funding for creative projects from people like you (and you! and you and you you and you!) 

Freaker USA ended up raising $62,770 in 60 days, and 95.4% of we have done since last June was made possible by this campaign (SO THANK YOU! We love you! Unconditionally!) This was our pitch video:

Fast forward 365 days: we've since reached our Kickstarter goal, bought a boxtruck, converted it into a house, travelled the country for 4 months throwing free grilled cheese parties for the masses and recruiting an army of joy-warriors.

How does one begin to celebrate such an anniversary!? In the most American way possible. This is what we came up with:

The first thing on the list of "Most American Celebrations" always involves taking off your pants in public places. 

...And also signing waver forms for travelling in three dimensions with risk of paralysis.

Onwards! We armed ourselves with pastel helmets & adequate security-padding-vests to set up a memorial for Aunt Jemima. 

After that deliciously syrupy feat, we embarked on an upwards journey....

Our dear friends at Kitty Hawk Kites are certified freakified and invited us to the Outer Banks for a hang-gliding adventure quest! Saying "no" would have immediately transformed us into something resembling a combination of all the "bad guys" in every Will Smith movie to date. And who can team up against Will Smith? The correct answer: not us, dear friends. 

Evidently, we cannot propel our bodies into the air WITH an American flag.... so we made LeighVoli hold down the patriot-fort as the rest of us hovered above her screeching George Michael's "Careless Whisper."

As the day turned into night, we dined with the Kittiest of all Hawks and all was merry... until we found an abundance of "Yoohoo and Friends" temporary tattoos. To give you a point of reference, this, fine chaps, is Yoohoo and Friends:

Oh, JOY! 

What better way to celebrate the moment of our company's conception than to defile our employees with "temporary"** tattoos of characters named "Giggles"....on their FACE!  

**Not as temporary as the name would lead you to believe. 

Lauren was so ecstatic about her new tribal tendencies that she kart-wheeled over a fire and singed half of her bangs away!

Things got weird and she started mumbling something about "her boyfriend, the rapper Drake," so we quickly recovered our American flag and decided that any higher degree of celebration would finally end in the paralysis that we were warned of only 12 hours earlier. 

...So thank you, Kickstarter and all of our wonderful supporters for making April 7th, 2012 a resounding success and April 8th, 2012 a horrible realization that somebody needs to start a crowd-funding campaign for more effective face soap.