Freak of the Week Time!

Wow! Seven days really flies by when we are giving away Freakers!

Last week's answers kept us more than amused! We never knew how dedicated Freaker-world is, and how many things there are to scale! Let's get to the winners!

The person that made us giggle the hardest was Jordyn Zimmerman!

"I'd scale my husband, which doesn't happen often enough these days. He'd very much appreciate the ensuing Kongalism. And the freaker too."

We think her husband might be the real winner though...

Our random selection for the week involved throwing little pieces of paper with your names on them into the air and seeing who landed on the Freaker!

And gravity chooses....Liz Moul!

Congrats to our winners! Hit us up with shipping info and we can get your new friends on their way!

This week, we want to know: How do Freaks abide?

Post your answer on the product page to be this week's winner!!!!!