Tokyo Drifting

Tom Waits, once said "I got the sheets but not the bed, I got the jam but not the bread. But hey, I'm big in Japan." 

We've been channeling that rusted nail of a hero all morning after we found out that the Beams store in Shibuya, Tokyo is showcasing Freakers from now until May 10th! So this is a call to action for our Japanese counterparts: Go say Konnichiwa! to these fine folks and get your freak on! 

Freakers for all! With a side dish of unlimited high fives!!

Look at those fine chaps! 

There was only one piece of this equation that confused us: These freak-crusaders are doing such amazing work Freaking everything in sight, so why are they so fully clothed? 

BAM! Just like that one episode of the Japanese Power-Rangers In Space, they read our minds! 

So yes! Stop by Beams in Shibuya and kartwheel your way into freak glory! 
We love you!