Record Store Celebrations!!

This past weekend was national Record Store Day! For music lovers and small-business enthusiasts, RSD is comparable to a Christmas-BlackFridayBirthday-IndependenceDay (both the Will Smith movie AND America day!) flash-mob rave of delicious goodness!

Wilmington's hometown heros joined forces at the kingdom-of-rad, Gravity Records, to celebralte the occasion! Craft beer was provided by local brewing company, Good Vibes. Give-aways were made possible by Wilmington's finest: Edge of Urge, Soapbox Laundro-Lounge, i heart miKA, and a whole slew of others!

To cherry-top (not to be confused with Carrot Top) it all, the Freaker boxtruck was in full force as a musical stage for a Carolina jubilation celebration! Mike Blair and the Stone Walls rocked our socks into a third dimension and then The Love Language formed a power-trio that left us delirious in the way only exotic birds, extreme sports, and rock-n-roll can induce.

Photo documentation? On it: 

The owner of Gravity Records (and also this town's heart, collectively) King Keen.

Dogs for dawgs! 

If you haven't given your ears the special treat of The Love Language, I'm sure they would appreciate it if you changed that fact. Carolina crusaders!