Oliver's Obvious Alter-Egos.

Everybody has at least one alter-ego. Whether or not they choose to showcase it is what sets them apart from everybody else. Here at Freaker USA, we highly encourage pseudo-self expression by playing dress-up to really give that multiple-personality syndrome a sense of confidence. 

Today, we will showcase two of Oliver's alternative personalities, and we have 5 bucks on the assumption that they will surprise no one. 

This here is Willy the Kid. He is 4 1/2 years old and his favorite food is Capri Sun. Willy best friends are imaginary, but that does not make them any less adventurous. When he's not doing arts & crafts in pre-school, he spends time in a tree-house wearing a cape and planning a future adorned with both robots and dinosaurs. His Freaker of choice is Volitron

This is Freddie Prinze Sr. His most prized personality traits are as follows: Possibly relating to his mother (that woman is never satisfied) and sometimes also his father (he is quite bold). He drives a little red corvette and his favorite outfit consists of a purple beret (not pictured.) His Freaker of choice is Purple Rain. He purple rains it all day long.