Freak of the Week! Dude Faces!

Last week, we showcased our favorite Dude because we want everybody (which actually just means "two" of you) to nestle in the glory of his luscious beard. We asked you how freaks abide, and the answer that got us giggling the most wassssss....William Lusk Coppage!! 

Maude: "What do you do for fun?"
The Dude: "Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional Freaker flashback."

Then we blindfolded Zach, spun his little man-body around in a series of circles, and gave him a baseball bat. Our computer screen is the most broken over the name... Tracy Russell Fullenkamp! 

"Freaks abide by being: Blinded by the light, Revved up like the Dude, Another Freaker in the night...."

Winners! Send us your address! We have some Dudely presents for you!

This week, in lieu of open-voting period for Threadless, we're focusing on the Face that was an original Threadless design. You tell us on the product page what this funky fellow is thinking, and we'll choose two winners: the first to whoever puts the biggest smile on our face and the second at random! Go team go!