Graduating to the Adult Table.

There is a really fantastic Kickstarter campaign currently crowdfunding for a feature-length documentary ...about crowdfunding. HOW FUNCTIONALLY META!

Capital C is the creation of Timon Birkhofer, a German joy-warrior with familial roots in North Carolina! In this film, Timon (You can call him Timmy, because he probably likes you.) highlights how the introduction of crowdfunding is changing the game of independent culture.

If the finished product is anywhere as delicate and tasteful as his pitch video, it will be the next summer Blockbuster action film starring Vin Diesel. By "summer blockbuster," we mean "independent and informative film communities." By "Vin Diesel", we actually mean ""

That's right folks! Take a look at the interviewees that will be showcased in this film! There are world renowned video-game developers, economists, directors.... and then Zach in a Banana suit. 

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B: 

Even though we're sitting at the Big Kid's table on this one, we're still ordering tater-tots ....because.... you're not my mom.