Zach's Alter-Ego Installment

Last week, we showed you the other side(s) of Oliver's charmbuckets, which included Willy the Kid and Freddie Prinze Sr. This week, we're turning the searchlight into the depths of Zach's multiple personality syndrome.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the labyrinth of Zach's fake mental issues. 

I'd like to formally introduce you to the noble man named Smidel Smastro. He is the proud CEO of a small island resort. His most cherished artist is Chingy and you can often find him in a hammock quietly humming "Whachu doin? Oh nuttin, chillen at the Holiday Inn" while enjoying a virgin daiquiri and a grape lollipop. He looooooooves America and is constantly asking the US govenment for Virginian grown cigar "swag." His favorite Freaker is Cuba

This is what we refer to as "That Guy," but only because he's never actually voiced his real name. It may have something to do with his uncanny obsession with some drink called "Beige Ukrainians" or whatever. He likes sports, but only the type with minimal physical-exertion and on the weekends, he hangs out with rich dudes and saucy redheads. We're still not sure how these friendships were originally formed but they seem solid enough. Right? His favorite Freaker is The Dude.