Sirens in Space!

The good-knight saint-patron of freak-magnificence, Oliver-Mellan, is currently doing a project for Indy Mogul which is a tv-for-the-internet-tutorial-of-video-swank. What this means: Oliver is working on a sci-fi short film about an exiled siren (IN SPACE!) and the collection of individuals with twisted motives that are trying to find her. 

But wait! That's not all! In conjunction with Indy Mogul, Oliver will be doing weekly videos about the process of making this film! 

We have a couple "favorite parts" of this video interview/introduction to Mr. Mellan. The first being his most-eloquent opening line (screech) "AAAH HAAAA!!!" at 1:09. The second being the intimate knowledge of what kind of salad is most likely in the glass bowl slightly to his left. The third? Everything else about this. 

OliveOilMuffinFaceMellan: Professional HeeHaw Extraordinaire of Wonder!!! May is going to be glorious.