Freak of the Week: RapBattle of BritWit

Are you fine chaps ready for this week's Freaker give-away?! Last week, we asked you what that strange little booger, the Threadless Face, could possibly be thinking. WHO WON? I'm so glad you asked. 

The comment that put the biggest smile on our faces goes to Brandon Jackson:

"Snuggling up with multiple beers in one night...does that make me a slut?"

The thought of a morally loose Freaker was disturbing yet darkly humorous. Onwards! The second winner is chosen at random, so we asked an unsuspecting Justin to give us a number 1-13, and he chose 13 (we have a sneaking suspicion that he is superstitious now.) So the 13th comment on the list belonged to Jonathan Bailey:

"I hope this bottle is Fair Trade..."

Weeeeee!!! Winners, send us your address & we'll ship your new little buddies straight to your door! 

THIS WEEK, Tell us what Lil' Ben's favorite song is on his product page!!! If you feel so inclined to break out into a Freaker rap battle,I promise that nobody will be upset.