Freak-Your-Mom Special! Buy At Least 2 Get 1 Free!!

 Let's be honest, everything good that you have, you probably Got It From Yo Mama. 

Sunday is National "I Got It From My Mama And Now I'm Going To Give Back To The My-Mama Community" Day. We here at Freaker USA appreciate your mom (more than you will ever know), and that's why we're giving you extra incentives to freak your mother this Sunday.

 If you order Freakers in the next two days, not only will they get to your mom's (mail)box in time for Sunday, but we're running a special deal: Buy At Least Two, Get a Mystery Freaker Fo' Free! (Don't worry, we probably won't tell your mom if you keep the free one for yourself.)

Just use this code at checkout: yourmom


Merry Mom Christmas!! 

Offer ends May, 13th 2012