Freak of the Week: Freedom Edition (PSYCHE!)

 Ooh! Ooh! It's that time of the week again where we ask you a weird question then plow you with free stuff! YEAH! 

Last week we asked you what Lil' Ben's favorite song was. I must say, you guys are just like Drew Barrymore in that rom-com about writing love songs.... but IN REAL LIFE. Every week we choose 2 winners, the first for the comment that induces the biggest grin and the second in some manner of randomization! So the first winner goes to..... JACOB RUDOLPH:

"London Bridge is Falling Down," of course. Right-O. Pip, pip.

This made us giggle because we imagined a strange hybrid between Lil' Wayne and Oliver Mellan playing children's games with us. And that image was beautiful. 

And for this week's random pick, we wrote down each contestant's name on tiny strips of tiny papers: 

And then we made Alisha dribble them from her tender embrace into Zach's face. 

The first one to hit the inside of his mouth would be deemed the "winner," which is a pretty odd terminology considering the circumstances... but alas:

Would the real Vovi Wetzel please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. 

Winners! Send us your shipping address! We have goodies for you! 

And for this week, we are turning the freakight on Cuba

Tell us who your favorite dictator is on Cuba's product page and win the chance to have your name written on a tiny strip of paper placed inside Zach's mouth!