Wilmington Beer Fest! This Freakin Satuday!!!

Oh gee golly, guess what you're doing this weekend? Going to the The Carolina's Brewery Invitational beer fest in downtown Wilmington? I thought so! And guess what else? WE'RE GOING TO THE DOWNTOWN BEER FEST TOO! ...What a coincidence. 

Whats that? You weren't planning on going to Beer Fest? Well, here is what you were going to miss. (Word choice of"Going to" because this is probably going to change your mind:)

- 6 musical adventures! 3 of which are in the Freaker boxtruck!!!! 

- Unlimited free beer samples from microbreweries mainly in North Carolina!! Carolina Brewing Company? Check. Mother Earth? Check. Duck-Rabbit? Double-whammie CHECK!

- Free afterparty from 8-10! 

And a whole slew of other fun activities for the whole family (but mostly just the "fun" cousins that are 21+) Get cho' tickets here and come rally with us in the boxtruck! GAME FACES? ON!