Freak of the Week: Wis-Dome Edition

Today we're feeling especially philanthropic and therefore we're going to run the same contest that we run every week. Last week, we asked you what your favorite dictator was on Cuba's corner of the internet. As always, there are two winners for the free FreakFriend (one for whoever makes us giggle the most furiously, and the other chosen at random!) 

I must say, this week was HARD! You guys are so very clever, but we had to choose one and Carlos E. Perez put the largest grin on our faces with his Entertainment Tonight version of dictator gossip: 

"I have to go with the hottest young dictator on the scene, Kim Jong Un (aka Kim Jong Swoon). Honestly how many twenty year olds can order the execution of defectors while rocking an amazing flat top? He does it with grace, and gravity defying chubby cheeks. Watch out for his interview about his favorite 'My Little Pony' in June's issue of Tiger Beat." 

And as for the "chosen at random" winner, we made Zach stand like a despot and slur out random letters until we found a name with at least 3 of the drooled alphabet in their last name. Here is a visual, for those of you wondering: 

And the letters he spewed out were "V" "O" "R" and "H," making the second winnnnnner.... Ivan Christopher Christo!!! This was his (hysterical) submission:

"Bradolf Pittler" 

Winners, send us your shipping address!! We have goodies for you! And for this week's give-away, give us some words of wisdom on the product page for HOOTERS