Signature Artist Series: Jessie Williams & MineMine Mania!

We love everything. Do you know one of the things that we love the most? (Other than everything.) Artists & Designers & Creators &  Dreamers & Marsupials! We love these things SO MUCH that we are introducing a new series of specially designed Freakers that showcase artists (and hopefully one day a marsupial.) 

The very first designer to take the Freaker mold and make it her own is the fabulous founder of Edge of Urge: Jessie Williams! Ladies and Gentz, I would like to introduce you to..... MineMine!

We got the honor and the pleasure of talking to Jessi about things cuter than kittens, inspiration for MineMine, and her life dreams of becoming a zombie. Your'e welcome. 

A Very Odd Interview With Jessie Williams:

THE FREAKER TEAM: What were you doing today before I harassed you into answering a bunch of nonsensical questions, Jessie?

JESSIE WILLIAMS: Ok, I'm gonna try to shove food in my face and write at the same time…I was watching a thrilling instructional video on one of my sewing machines.

OH! How scandalous! Anyways, who do you think should win the "You're The Cutest Thing In The Universe" Award - a cuddling (little spoon, of course) koala or a kitten that knows ballet?

Take your time. It's a hardball.

Imagine now that a minute passes, food digests and then... she hits us with this photo:

…Obviously. Did I leave out any other contestants that you would like to nominate for the "You're The Cutest Thing In The World" pageant?

Well, there is a little brown boy named Blueberry who is a little snuggle bug, as well as a teeny little kitty named Kitty Wellington Williams. She is so small that you can barely see her. In fact, I have some pretty amazing songs about both of these creatures i could email you if you'd like to hear.

Oh wow! This is going to be a brutal match for adorability. Speaking of cuteness, did you have to use any kind of child labor to obtain the famed handwriting on your MineMine Freaker?

Well, I have to be honest. I dropped out of school in the 4th grade to pursue some shit. Mrs Sontag taught me how to write good before i left. Thats all mine. Authentic.

Raw American Dreamz. So. Anyways. If the zombie apocalypse were to fall upon us RIGHT NOW, where would you go and why?

Thats easy! I'd right straight for them and get bit! one of my dreams is to be a zombie!!!!!!! A real live dead zombie!

Okay, well that horribly ruins my next question but I'll ask it anyway because I like it. When you build your post-zombie-apocalyptic-army-of-glitter-warriors, what are you going to name it? Will you go by a pen name or stay with Jessie Williams (which is already a really great glitter-warrior-alias, by the way)

Ha! well, before I got bit, I would dress my zombie tribe in some pretty amazing t-shirts with our name "NICE TO EAT YOU," and I would probably just go with my original initials (and add an S to the end) JAWS...Also, I have to apologize for my terrible typos.
That's okay! I can edit it to make you look like the champion of the spelling bee! (Editor's note: Jessie Williams is, indeed, the 2012 Champion of All National Spelling Bees.)

Well. Okay. Onwards. The MineMine Freaker. What musical artist did you have on repeat when you designed it?

I'm pretty sure it was "Eye of the Tiger."

Gee golly, you are a fierce one. If the MineMine Freaker was to be the go-to Freaker for a cartoon character, which one would it be? Feel free to create one if you don't think American media has done a decent job as of yet.

Ren, as in Ren and Stimpy!

That's great news. Any parting words to the cyber world (in space!) before I finally let you continue eating your lunch?

I ate that lunch up during the first question! I do have one question for you... Will you, freaker, be my boyfriend? Check yes.......Check no..... (Please check yes) FREAKER FO LIFE!!!!!!!!!

I DO! And that's it, folks. The Edge of Urge and Freaker USA will be sending you fancy (zombie) reception invitations ASAP! Thanks Jessie! You are a champion!