Freak of the Week: Life-Goals Edition

Every week, we give away two showcased Freakers to you (and you! Since.. you know, there's two. Of you.) Last week, we asked you for some words of wisdom on the product page for Hooters! As always, we grant the title of FreakChamp'yon to the comment that made us smirk the longest! This week, that special lady goes by the name of Catherine Schaper!:

The only words I could make out of wisdom were swim, mods, dim, sod, mows, miso and sow.

And for our random winner, we decided to take all of your names: 

And smash them to the backside of a sticker with a vectorized version of James Brown's mugshot:

The deciding factory of victory? Whoever's name smashed James Brown in his disheveled little eyes: 

...So congratulations to Windy Wise Stiner, who gave us some words of wisdom that are going to be tricky to follow! Don't worry, Windy, we'll try:

"Words of not marry the life of the party, especially if he's an alcoholic. Whatt? You asked. btw,I love you. Oh, and my maiden name is Wise and I collect owls."

Hooray! Winners, send us your shipping address and we'll send you a Hooter straight to your door! And for this week, we're focusing on the very 1st Freaker in the Signature Edition and newest member of the FreakFamily.... MineMine! Let us know what you want to be when you grow up and we'll be announcing the freebie-conquistadors next week!