Freak of the Week: Angry Male Edition

For last week's giveaway, we put the spotlight on the newest member of the Freaker Family. Part of a new Signature Artist Line, MineMine was designed by the very special Jessie Williams of Edge of Urge! 

We asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up on the MineMine product page and today is that fateful day where the winners are announced! The first freebiefreaker is awarded to the comment that was most relevant to our surprisingly-difficult-Thursday-morning-in-the-office:

Lexi Vaughn: I want to never use email again. That will be my job. Never use email.

How ambitious, Lexi! If you figure out a way to survive without it, will you please let us in on your secrets! We're most easily reachable via
Onwards! The next winner was chosen by asking Justin to choose a number 1-14. Through the walls of his man-cave, he mumbled something that sounded like a "12," therefore the winner is....

Brittany Kolar: I want to be a animorph.

Brittany! Woman of Animorph Wisdom and Goddess of Faux-Kafta Nostalgia! 

Winners send us your shipping addresses - you both deserve gold stars & Free freaker friends all around!!

And for this week, we all get to sit at the big kid table. Tell us why you think those Men are so Mad on Draper's product page, and as always, there will be two new proud owners of the little button next week!