Oliver's New Short Film In It's Entirety!

Our dear Oliver Mellan was Director of the Month (of May!) for IndyMogul! He was commissioned to make a short film in 31 days with weekly tutorials on his unique techniques of chic peeks for freaks! If you haven't seen these, your soul is angry at you. 

Either way, his brain child has been released to the world (even though he's still working on some minor details!) as of Wednesday.  This is about to be the best 17 minutes of your week! Also, did I mention that everything you see here was done in ONE MONTH?! Booyeah! #SirenBoogyJubilee!

Wednesday night, Oliver had a red carpet premier party at his studio. The following hot mess ensued:

(Yes, I understand that these are just pictures of "Justin Pretending To Have Fun." If you have any recollection of your own "Fun" photos being taken, find them floating around on our Freaker USA Facebook Page!)