Freaker Turns 1! BirthdayBash - Next Sunday!!!

Mark your calendars, Wilmington. 

Next Sunday, Freaker USA turns a full year old! CELEBRATIONS ABOUND! In conjunction with Cucalorus, the Freakerteam has been planning you a party that will rock your socks into space! 


- 1 pm:

If you want extra gold star glitter points, meet us at Front & Water St. for a grand entrance of grandeur that you will be telling your grandkids about for years to come! 

- 2:30 pm:

 Jengo's Playhouse at 815 Princess St will be housing the madness in an ornate display of jubilation!!!

- 3:00 pm into the evening:

 Grilled-cheese party, photo-booth extravaganza, dance-party shake-down! Dogs and kids and adults and freaks are all welcome! 


More details to slowly be dispersed throughout the week, just to keep your toes curled in anticipation! SEE YOU THERE, FUREAKZ!