Next Week! Benji Hughes! Get tickets here!

Well my, oh my - is this next week going to be a roll in the party-dirt, or what?! On Sunday, Freaker's very first birthday party is going to be a throw-down conquest of jubilation! If that wasn't enough joy for yours truly, the fuzzmuzz legend, responding to the name of Benji Hughes is comin' to town for a two-day bliss-spree June 14-15th at the Calico Room! Walk into Gravity Records or Edge of Urge for tickets, or get them right here on our website (you'll be put on the will-call list!) 

Don't know what I'm talking about? Think I'm spewing crazy talk? Treat yourself to a little soulgasm: 

The most eccentric of all Wilmington's local businesses have come together ultimate excitement and are slapping this fancypants (yet slightly all the fun ways) poster around town until not a single-poor-soul is left in the dark about next week's happenings. 

Moral of the story: June 14 & 15th. The Calico Room (107 S Front St, Wilmington). Show starts at 10pm. Tickets are $8 in advance at Gravity Records, Edge of Urge, or right HERE on our website. See you there. Done and done.