ShakeQuake Mannequin Rumble!

 This Sunday, Freaker USA + Cucalorus are throwing you a bash in celebration of Freaker's very first birthday! As part of the pre-fiesta festivities, we've been creating mannequins that are being strategically placed around downtown Wilmington in order to "warn" people of all the fun they're going to have on June 10th. We'd like to formally introduce you to your new buddies that you'll be seeing hangin' around town like teenagers in the summer:

This is Marack Jogalama. He is an athlete, but he is also secretly an alien.  The last time he ran in the Olympics (pictured above), he began dripping black sweat and American business moguls began to distrust the notion that he was American born.  One tycoon named Fronald Frump went so far as to send spies to collect a drip of Marack's famed oil-sweat and a team of day-time-soap-opera-stars pretended to be scientists and started yelling about Kenya. It got weird. Marack Jobalama is attending the ShakeQuake because of the cardiovascular activity that "having fun" is known for. 

This is Citizen CandyKane. He is a news junkie, film junkie, cheese junkie, and Skittles Juice junkie. Overall, one may generalize him as a junkie, but don't let your mind deceive you. Citizen CK enjoys recreational activities involving red sleds and memories of a childhood loss, just like everyone else. He is participating in the ShakeQuake because he believes that the media may get ahold of it and has a burning desire of passion to be at the heart of journalistic lovemakings.