ShakeQuake Mann Hunt!

Sunday is fast approaching and our Frankenmannequins are hiding out in caffeine dealers & sillyjuice markets across downtown Wilmington. They're hard to miss, but we'll make a game out of it anyway! Find your new best mannequin friends around town, take some pictures with them & tag Cucalorus on facebook.. The winner gets their very own mannequin friend to snuggle with forever and ever! Just a little hint: Go say hi to our friends at The Soapbox, Husk, Satellite, Bella's Coffee, Opera Room, Bottega, Nutt St., Blue Post, Cape Fear Beer & Wine... they may lead you in the right directions :)

And now, for your daily dose of personality syndromes:


This is the famed Vegas star RuRonPaul of the Blue-showMan Group. On his off days, he enjoys waking up early and taking a stroll to the nearest meadow to listen to the chirps of spring birds and rustle of turtles in the creek. This all sounds delightfully pleasant until you realize that RuRonPaul the drag queen never changes clothes and is unintentionally scarring young children with his bedazzled banana hammock. He is attending the ShakeQuake for the obvious reasons: he likes to shake what he's been blessed with. 

This is Louie Longbottom. He a social misfit, but it's not his fault - he was born this way. In a couple years, he will realize his true potential as a "different" and his "curse" will be a "blessing." But for now, he sits in his room confused as to why the other kids in school call him "Butthead" and "ToeEyes." He is attending the ShakeQuake & Parade because he can walk and you can't. Suckers.