Freak of the Week Catchup Ketchup

Oof! In the blur of what has been our past week, the poor Freak of the Week giveaway was left behind in the hustle. We found it this morning in a black hole of nihilism singing Dust in the Wind and reading Bukowski's autobiography. It looked a little something like this: 

Anyways, the last give-away we ran asked Why the Men Were So Mad on Draper's corner of the internet. We usually knight 2 winners every week, but since we've been lost in space, let's grant freebies to four of you doodies: 

Lindsey Zimecki: I FIGURED IT OUT! Men are mad because they have a dangly thing on their fronts and it always gets stuck in the door. Plus, they always have to do sports around other men. And they're also mad because they don't have boobies.

Samuel Warters: Men are so angry because we have to spend our days at work rather than toiling the afternoons away drinking all of the great craft beers in the world and sipping on the finest spirits while lounging on the most picturesque beaches with the most beautiful topless women around them.

Mook Cahill: Men are mad because women say we didn't put the toilet seat back down when we never even used the toilet, we used the tree out back. Plus we'll never have the opportunity to own a pet dinosaur. Old Yeller getting shot and bath salts are also acceptable answers.

Melissa Smith:Because chicks dig flared nostrils.

A resounding "touche" to all of you. Send us your shipping address and we'll send you a new Draper Freaker friend! 

 For this week, we're asking What's Your Hakuna Matada on Rafreaki's product page! Can you feel the love tonight?