Chronicle Books & Freaker Giveaways!

Mark Twain once said that a classic is a "book that people praise but don't read."

Our dear friends and kind souls over at Chronicle Books have taken this analysis and created a new type of masterpiece.  Learning from the mistakes of Tolstoy, Proust & Voltaire ...Chronicle Books has built a book that will leave you with the spinnies. The awesome spinnies. It's aptly named The Book of Beer Awesomeness, and 5 lucky lucksters will get a free signed copy & a Freaker! All you need to do is put your name in the digital rabbit-hat and WAH-LAH! 

Enter for your chance to win right hur

Shoo shoo, go on now, if you're one of the 5 winners, all of your friends will think that not only are you a literary genius, but that you hang out with rich & famous authors from an age of truth & beauty...right?! Right.