The Evolution of Cuppow!

So remember that time we formed a perfect product union with the good souls at Cuppow? Here's a slight recap:

Special sippy-lids for your canning jars, Cuppows are 100% made in America! Created in an enchanted warehouse in Somerville, MA, they will make sure that you are ecologically responsible, caffeinated, and fully freaking awesome. GO TEAM! 

This was a match made in heaven for Freaklovers everywhere - coffee in a sippy-cup mason-jar is all fun&games until a series of unfortunate events stemming from your hands getting too hot lead to your eyeballs getting accidentally poked out. FREAKERS TO THE RESCUE. What a rosy world. 

But, there was one minor obstacle to CupFreakPowing every mason jar in the world... Cuppows only fit the widemouth canning jars. 

NOT ANYMORE, YOUNG GRASSHOPPERS. As of today, Cuppows exist for both largemouth:

And ittybittybabymouth mason jars:

And when your fingertips get sassy on you:

American-made products that make life easier UNITE!  Also... puppies.