Freak of the Week: Ride Or Die Romance

It's been a hectic week, and I'm not going to put ALL the blame on Justin Mitchener (Man of Purchasing Bravery) for not making a new "Freak of the Week" graphic for 13 days ...but let's be honest, it is completely his fault. 

Onwards! Last time we ran this contest, it was the week of America's birthday (FELIZ CUPLEANOS, DUDE!) and we asked you how you let your freak flag fly! As always (except for that one time), there are 2 winners! The first Baberaham Lincoln freebie goes to the comment that made us giggle the most: 

Charles Hirt: I Dip my weiNer iN ketchup, theN I dip 2/3 of it iN mayoNaise, theN I dip 1/3 iN blueberry preserves. TheN I cover it with aN expaNdable freak to keep it hot. Better thaN a buN.

(Let me clarify - we laughed so furiously not because of the hotdog imagery, but because of Mr. Hirt's attention to detail in that he capitalized every "N" in his 3 seNteNces.) 

And this week for the second winner, it was IMPOSSIBLE not to reward the comment that confused us enough to spark a wild GoogleImage searchparty:

Meg Kuker: like a caftan. 

In case you were wondering what a caftan is or why Meg Kuker's freak flag flies like one... let us enlighten you: 

A caftan. Thank you, America. You're the best. 

FOR THIS WEEK'S GIVEAWAY, we have a pseudo odd question for you to answer on Bonnie's product page: Ride or Die?