Our Failed Attempt to Cultivate Street-Cred in Hotlanta.

So once upon a time (yesterday.) three of the freak warriors ventured into the fiery depths of a magical land called Atlanta. 

Sidenote: Yes, this is our 2nd time to Atlanta this month. We're trying to get enough local street credit that when a middle-aged predator at a dive bar asks us "You come here often?," we can rightfully say "Why yes. Yes we do come here often." 

That being said, this trip is drastically different from the one we made 3 weeks ago for a grilled cheese party at MailChimp which ended most amicably, as proven below: 

This time, we're in Atlanta for the International Gift Show (translation: no puppies. no grilled cheese. but don't worry ... "no shirt" is a constant requirement for any trip.) Anyways, yesterday was spent building the booth with the team's bare freakin bear hands: 

Even though these boys are notorious for their keen ability to blend in at Home Depot, they don't have sufficient "walking things through doorways" experience to thrive in the world of construction.

It's a shame, really - we all remember the magical connection between Oliver, Zach, and Powertools:



Things were going well until Oliver saw a power-drill and all the romantic memories came flooding back. In the photo above, you can catch a rare sighting of a wild animal giving himself a lobotomy. 

To continue the "motif" of REPPIN-STREET-CRED-IN-HOTLANTA, Zach dressed himself (!!!) in a Mail Chimp t-shirt. His intention, other than aesthetically supporting a really great company, was to look local, knowledgable, and most of all ...masculine.

This is why we've carefully cropped this photo to make it look like he's wearing a dress. GOTCHA, PUNK. 

The walk home from the trade show headquarters is like one big secret garden. It is SO magical, in fact, that new friends pop up out of nowhere! JUST LIKE REAL MAGIC!

I'm not sure exactly who this guy is but here's what I do know: he is a very nice man that enjoys talking to strangers on the side of the road & transporting apple juice in a 1994 Aerostar Minivan. For that reason alone, we adore him. 

As opposed to getting carried around by MailChimp employees & pretending to wear dresses at a trade show, this encounter, although fun, did nothing for our local street cred. Maybe next time we'll try harder & buy a foldable map of the city. 

... THE END!